10th Arctic Exhibition of Photographic Art

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The Arctic Exhibition 2020 commitee wish to thank all participants of this exhibition.

Results and Demographics

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Arctic Exhibition 2020 - Chairmans message

As leader of the 10th Arctic Exhibition it is a great pleasure for me to thank you all photo friends around the world again, for having done this world's northernmost salon to a big success!

This years salon has been hold under rare conditions regarding to the Covid-19 situation in the world. We had restrictions on travels in Norway and in last minute we hade to change some of the judges. The alternates are highly qualified professionals and this years selection of pictures is holding a level of quality above the expected. That’s of course made possible by all the stunning photographs that you have sent to us!

Thank you all so much and take care! Stay healthy and make new wonderful photos from your neighborhood!

To make this salon a reality, I have had many talented employees with me and they have done a fantastic job. I am grateful and full of admiration for their efforts.

Congratulations to you all for fantastic results and stunning photos!

I must also comment the fantastic judges who conducted the evaluation of all images with great conscience.

Congratulations to you all for fantastic results and stunning photos!

We can tell you that we already have recognition for the Lofoten Exhibition 2020 who will be held in September 2020 with three sections. Open Color, Open Monochrome and Landscape.

Arctic Exhibition Team will return in 2021 with new exhibitions!

Stay tuned on www.arcticexhibition.no and www.lofotenexhibition.no for more information, and of course we will send information to each of you on email.

Thanks all photo friends!

With best regards,

Olav-Inge Alfheim, EFIAP/p, ESFIAP, EsNSFF

Recognition(PID) Patronage 2020/167

PSA Recognition(PID) -PSA 2020-115 - FIAP - Patronage 2020/167

Japan Photo
Scandic Havet
Lofoten Værøy Brygge